A ceiling heating and cooling panel supplier is seeking projects and sales partners in the European Union

Climate ceiling panels Optimal and cost efficient solution

Best cost/value product on the market

  • quotation and digital plan of panels on floorplan in 24 hour
  • 1600 sqrm warehouse, continous material supply
  • fittings, floorheating pipes, distributors and all kind of related materials available

Bulk price!

EXW Budapest, Hungary
23 /square meter
  • PPSU 16-10-16, 16-10 Fittings
  • INOX distributors
  • Netto price for EU VAT companies
  • available in 7 lenghts to cover ANY floorplan
  • Technical support, let us help do populate your floorplan with our panels
BEST offer

More than 70.000 panels sold in 2022!

Optimal comfort heat distribution

pleasant radiant heat to heat or cool a wide area, the room air is not needed as a transfer medium, pleasantly cool in summer, comfortably warm in winter

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Easy to install

The artificial ceiling requires onli minimum 8 cm space in total widht, CD30/60 and UD 30 profiles are neccessary as widespread in the drywall industry. New built or under renovation? Climate ceiling fits into both, meanwhile invisible!

Energy efficient, independent of gas supply

The climate ceiling panels are one of the most ecoligic solution compared to all heting systems, meanwhile connected to heat pump as heat source. Perfect solution, clean, pleasant, invisible and silent,

Cooling by heat absorption

heat absorption with pleasant cooling effect during summer. The water running at the pipes of the climate panel is kept lower than the room ambient temperature. As a result the panel absorbs the heat of the room and convects it into the pipes that are tranported into the HVAC heat pump unit. The effect is suberb, no air circulation, no air drafts, and as a result of the technical benefrits, energy cost is saved.

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Installation never been easier before!

CD 30/60 artificial ceiling elements provide the skeleton of the panels, afterwards it is covered by 15mm drywall panels At average site and circumstances 2 men can easily install 60..80 m2 per day

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Available at 7 lenght to cover any floorplan

At common circumstances the panel is capable to absorb or radiat 70W/sqrm

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