Recently we started to collaborate with a small investment foundry located at Hungary.
We provide full technical support and supply them the neccessary molds and patterns in order to help them to produce parts on time.
Apparat Ltd. supports full digital background, 3D design, mold design, parts design, CAM, pattern and assembly design of parts executed by lost wax casting. We also provide the ready made patterns by high precision CNC milled parts providing full suppor at all levels.
Usually we deliver parts within 1,5 week counting from recieving RFQ. Fast response and delivery time seems satisfactory, even nowadays we produce 2-3 patters weekly.
Precision investment castings, ready-to-assemble parts of low- and high-alloy steel, Ni- and Co-based alloys, weight per piece: 0,05-20 kg, max dimensions: 250 x 350x 300 mm,
Design (3D, Solidworks) tool manufacture (any kind), heat treatment, mechanical machining. Pre and sub-assembly, packaging, logistic services
Technology: Lost wax process, mechanical machining, CNC machining on 5 AXIS.

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